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John 1:39 (ESV) 

39 He said to them, “Come and you will see.” So they came and saw where he was staying, and they stayed with him that day, for it was about the tenth hour. 

Jesus was relational and Jesus modulated a ministry that was based on an intimate relationship between Him and His followers. Jesus spent time with His disciples and gave them the opportunity to learn from Him in a personal way. Jesus shared in each day's experience from eating, living, ministering and praying with His disciples. The disciples enjoyed unhurried fellowship with Jesus each day, they were connected to Jesus. Jesus was intentional with His investment into the lives of people around Him. Living the connected life is just that, being intimately connected to Jesus and experiencing Him in every day. 

Connected Retreats have two purposes: 

The First is what is called, 'Come and See'. 'Come and See' is an introduction to the Connected Life Course. It provides some of the objectives and outcomes of the course, and it also establishes a core group that will attend the course. It is a setting in which people can learn from each other, share a meal together and pray together. It gives people the opportunity to share and be strengthened in their faith. The sessions equip people with a framework of how an intimate relationship can be cultivated and modelled to other believers. 

The second part of the Connected Retreat includes a series of in-depth teachings on the Connected Life material. The material varies between courses on discipleship and leadership. The teachings are focused on how to cultivate a living and rejuvenating walk with God and how to impact the lives of other people. These teachings outline the fundamental elements of a life that is closely connected to Jesus. When a person is in contact with Jesus, he or she is transformed into the likeness of Jesus and the transformation becomes visible to other people. Connected Life provides a manual and a structure which is user-friendly and easy to apply in a mentor relationship. 

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