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Leadership is all about influence, and there is no greater example than Jesus who influenced the world. No one like Him has ever been born. No one ever lived like Him, no one ever taught like Him, no one ever died like Him, no one ever rose from the dead like Him, no one ever led like Him. Jesus was and still is through His followers the greatest leader that ever walked the earth.

Leadership is influence and no leader has a greater influence on the world than Jesus Christ-Michael Youssef.

Jesus has clearly shown us the way to lead and if we follow in His example we will be successful, accomplishing His purposes and become the leaders He meant for us to be. 

The Connected Life coaching track is designed to help develop you into a leader that leads like Jesus. Helping church pastors and leaders to truly understand the leadership style of Jesus, such as understanding Jesus strategy and methods of teaching. learning the life of Jesus, and how we can model it.  Looking deeply at the example that Jesus set every day and applying that knowledge to our lives.  


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